It's been incredible raising £141,752 for so many charitable projects. Please join us on this years walk and help 3 great causes...


This year the Bartlow 3 Counties Charity Walk will be raising funds for the three local causes that possibly have or will at some time have some meaning to you all. For more details on what these chosen charities give back to their community please see below...

Addenbrooke's 'Breast Cancer'.

In the UK, one person is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes. The good news is that here on your doorstep we are fortunate to have the Cambridge Breast Unit based at Addenbrooke's, providing excellence in care, treatment and research for patients.

Money raised will help Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust support the thousands of local, inspirational women and men who demonstrate a life-affirming spirit in their daily battle against cancer.


Linton Health Centre

At Linton we plan to update the diagnostic equipment used in our consulting rooms. These are essentially the specialised lights used to look into eyes and ears and are a crucial part of making a diagnosis so that we can manage patients accordingly.                                                                     We are very excited that the Bartlow Walk will give us the opportunity to have better equipment, as this will give much improved views and provide better diagnostic accuracy. This will be of benefit to every patient group that we see, from babies with infections, to young children with glue ear, or elderly patients with hearing loss. The equipment will be used on a daily basis and as always we are grateful to the Bartlow Walk for helping us to improve the service we offer our community.

Bartlow St. Mary Church

Sunday by Sunday this Church is used by a small but devoted congregation, and this village of 85 adults and 23 children contributes to the upkeep of this building: help has been forthcoming from the Department of the Environment and we still need more money to repair the windows and decorate the interior. We have received this Church on trust from past generations and we hope to pass it on in good repair. Much has been accomplished but much still needs to be done.